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What are YOU doing with your precious time?

Are you following your passion?

Or are you chasing short-term satisfactions, merely grinding through life and living for others, all while following the masses, along a well-worn path of shattered dreams?

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Inspiring stories to ignite your peaceful warrior

Learn, observe and defend

  • Law and order versus self-responsibility

Act up!

[fsn_row][fsn_column width="12"][fsn_text] Drunken tourists party hard and leave one of Australia’s pristine beaches trashed. The public is outraged and so are the responsible politicians. It doesn’t take one day before alcohol is banned for the [...]

  • Sunlight through clouds

Don´t crap on others

Sometimes people ask me why I am so miserable. Why I don´t simply enjoy the good, privileged life, like they do...

  • Shattered glass

Don´t settle for THAT

What are you living for? Are you living your dreams? Read this for a wake-up call.